Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Want To Read Faster?

From Think Simple Now

1. Use a Pointer

Your eyes don’t actually stay fixed in one spot. They are frequently making brief twitches away from your center of focus to gather more information. These movements are called saccades and they represent the first tool novice readers can use to read faster.

Normally, when your eye twitches away, it must relocate in its previous position. Unfortunately, when you read, this position is constantly moving. Saccades (and just general distractions) cause you to slow down as you must search for your current reading position. The solution is to use a pointer.

The easiest pointer is just the tip of your finger. Simply place your index finger below a line of text and move it as you read. Initially, using a pointer will be slower than regular reading. But after you’re used to the motion, you can read more effectively.

Note for Advanced Speed-Readers: You can further increase your speed-reading rates by keeping your pointer 1-2cm away from the margins of the text. Your eye can catch the words in about a 1″ radius, so this can shave off a bit of reading time.

2. Speed Reading Is About Control, Not Speed

I dislike the way speed reading is often presented because it makes the skill seem to be only about increasing your top speed. As a result, many people are quick to judge that people can’t physically process more information or point out that comprehension goes down while speed reading.

To me, these arguments miss the point. Speed reading is about controlling your reading rate, not just going faster. If you’re in a racecar, top speed is important, but even more important is the driver’s skill at adjusting speeds to make careful turns. The ability to control your speed will make you a much more efficient reader than just blazing through text.

A pointer helps with control because instead of just using your eyes, you can physically move your hand to adjust your reading speed. If you move your hand faster, you will be forced to read faster. Also, if you slow your pointer down, your reading will slow. This kind of control allows you to carefully read confusing or important sections of text and go faster through obvious text or pieces of fluff.

For example, in a book I’m reading right now, the author frequently resorts to the same 3-4 paragraphs of description to explain a recurring idea. The paragraphs aren’t identical, but similar enough that I can use my pointer to skim through the content and still get the message..............

Continue Reading.... and also get some other great articles!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Was That?

Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm (from

" I find myself thinking of a checklist Wozniak wrote a few years ago describing how to become a genius. His advice was straightforward yet strangely terrible: You must clarify your goals, gain knowledge through spaced repetition, preserve health, work steadily, minimize stress, refuse interruption, and never resist sleep when tired. This should lead to radically improved intelligence and creativity. The only cost: turning your back on every convention of social life. It is a severe prescription..."


attempted 15 OHS @185....Goal is 15, and I got 14:( yeah. nuff said bout that.
couple of heavy sets of squat,
then the gym WOD. her name is "LILA" after our good buddy Yusuf, sends us his wife's tale.
He wrote;
"my wifes wod, 5 hours, 20mins, she weighed in at 6lbs RX'D"
way to go guys, and congrats!

So, Big Mike wrote up a wkout in honor of that awesomeness....
5 Rounds: For Time
2o burpees
6 pullups
13 kbell swings- 2pood

rx'd 10:06

Monday, October 26, 2009

Working On Your Weaknesses!

Olympic lifts, endurance, power, speed, strength, lack of knowledge with any movement in general...whatever your weakness is, you can do nothing better for your overall fitness if you focus on them rather than always doing what you tend to excel at.

Founder of Crossfit, Coach Glassman, talks about the benefits of working on your weaknesses here.
The Hopper: Balance of Modal Capacity...[wmv][mov] (

Here is Mark that comes 3x's/week to our early MWF classes, and saw great results from dialing in on what he needed to work on.

I want to thank you for your help. The PT sessions were great. You helped improve my CrossFit skills and boosted my confidence. I now perform most WODs as prescribed, and it's a good feeling! I know there's a lot of room for improvement on my part, and I'm looking forward to what I can do a year from now."

November starts next week, and I am offering 3 spots open to anyone wanting to improve on any of their weaknesses. This is a great opportunity to get focused work.

lancecantu@crossfitcentral or call me at 806_281-7873

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Get Lost In It!!!

deadlift; 1-1-1-1-1
stopped at 385, didn't feel strong at all.

Then my second attempt at Max reps OHS @ #185(10 over bw)
went from 8 reps 3 days ago, to 12 today. This week, I am getting 15!
Take it to the bank son!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

This ones For You AT!!! Best of Luck To You!!!

AT, this person next to you is you, holding all the energy in the world in your own hands. Good luck this weekend at the Marine Corps Marathon. I know you have busting your ass long before you found Crossfit, but have upped your game with the program.

And a video for the Marines showing dedication to a cause higher then themselves.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pleasure- Pain Principle;

We are born with a pleasure principle, that we will seek immediate gratification of needs, for which our bodies reward us with feelings of pleasure.

The reverse is also true, and the pain principle says that, whilst seeking pleasure people will also seek to avoid pain.

The pleasure-pain principle was originated by Sigmund Freud in modern psychoanalysis, although Aristotle noted their significance in his 'Rhetoric', more than 300 years BC.

'We may lay it down that Pleasure is a movement, a movement by which the soul as a whole is consciously brought into its normal state of being; and that Pain is the opposite.'

Tony Robbins takes it one step further and says that our Pleasure-pain decisions are made up of rules/conditions we have set up to make each decision. Are you successful? How is your relationship? Do you have a great body? All are questions that people have different answers to. And the answers are from each individuals standards or rules they have set forth to make that them feel they do or do not.

Why do I bring this up? Are you successful? Well, what are your rules to make you say yes. Do you have a great relationship? Well, does the significant other know the 'rules" or standards you may or may not have told them to make you think you are in a happy, successful relationship. If you haven't told them, if might be unfair to hold them or yourself accountable if no one knows how to hold each other accountable. You can think of it as playing a game with your significant other, not telling them how to play the game, then getting mad and frustrated because they are not following the rules you didn't tell them.

This can hold true for anything you may be setting yourself up for constant let down, or pain(friendships, co-workers, business, family, any relationship):(

Done with this tangent now!

MY WOD; 091022


The Prayer....even though I know my boy JDP already posted it, it's that good to me!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


“Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. When people ask me what really changed my life eight years ago, I tell them that absolutely the most important thin was changing what I demanded of myself. I wrote down all the things I would no longer accept in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate, and all the things that I aspired to becoming.”

-Anthony Robbins-

MY WOD; 091021
Push Jerk; 3sets of 5- #185
Deadlift; 3sets of 5- 275,295,315
Four rounds for time of:
Walking lunge 50 meters
Sit-ups, 50 reps
*ab mat situps---- rx'd- a comparatively slow 16:29

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost-

Every journey starts with a first step. Sometimes, we get so lost in the end goal that we take away from what it's really all about...the journey. All we have to do to be happy and enjoy what's most important, the present, is take that first step. Here's to the first step.

Heavy Snatch Balance; got to #185
BW OHS; got 7 reps.... I will get 15 this week!
Heavy Back Squat; 5,3,3---275,295,305
Tabata Pullups and Push ups; lowest score--- 12/8

Monday, October 19, 2009

So This is Eva!!!

She is doing the workout Nate.... It is the workout of the day at the gym today. And yes boys, she is doing 32kg kbell swings. Go Crossfit!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Your Snatch?

The Snatch and Clean and Jerk are two of my weaker lifts. I know that, and have been consciously trying to make them better. Coach Burgner explains here ( 2009 CrossFit Games: Coach Burgener on the Snatch Event - video [wmv] [mov] that it is the best way to measure an athlete's explosive strength/power.
And here(Coach Burgener On the Snatch... [wmv] [mov]) is an interview of Tony Budding talking to Coach Burgner explaining the rules of the Snatch event as it applies to the Games.

My record on the Snatch now is #175. I am going to see how much of a different Focused Effort can make a difference. My C & J as of last week is #245. 3 Months and I will retest!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Seven Day Challenge

Here is something I came across listening to Tony Robbins, The Seven Day Mental Diet. I will start fresh tomorrow with this challenge. I am going to commit seven days....seems easy huh? Well, to control where your mind goes, when you're bored, during work, while working out...maybe not so easy. But, I am up for the challenge, and I will let you know how it goes.

My WOD for today:
Crossfit Total;
Back Squat- 355
Press- 180
Deadlift- 405

Then, "Chelsea"
Slowest round out of 30 was my 30th- 40seconds. I am blitzed!
Great day today!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Find out what the Advocare Opportunity is all about here.

I use the products, I believe in them, I know they can help you too.

You Make a Difference

The Wounded Warrior Project from Sportsgrants on Vimeo.

From the efforts of the Crossfit community, we raised over $1million with Fight Gone Bad. This is a clip to show how much of an impact we really have. Giving Life back to Life!!!! I love it, I love all of it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Month of Crossfit!!!

With the month of October being solely dedicated to the girls, and hero wods, I am proposing a program that follows that same agenda. One month to find the true essence of what Crossfit is. How do you do that?

The month of Crossfit; 2 things...
1) wods.... we will meet everyday the mainsite has a workout posted. It is going to be a 3 on, 1 off program(meaning you will workout for three days in a row, and rest the fourth day.) We will do whatever workout is posted. NO exceptions. (mainsite-

2) Nutrition- Paleo/ with your modified zone prescription. (crossfit nutrition)

This program will sell out! Bring a friend or two for a discount, and the accountability of not wanting to let you friends down as well as yourself.

email me or call me at

Friday, September 25, 2009

Making a Difference

From the Prostate Cancer Foundation website

Arizona Residents Greg and Lauren Glassman Recognized for their Support in Fighting Cancer

Funding from CrossFit, Inc. Event to Support Innovative Research by Leading Scientists

SANTA MONICA, CA/September 22, 2009—Greg and Lauren Glassman, founders of CrossFit, Inc., are providing crucial funding for the battle against prostate cancer. In acknowledgement of CrossFit’s annual Fight Gone Bad event that has raised more than $1 million since 2006, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) has announced it will name one of its Creativity Awards the Greg and Lauren Glassman Grant for Early Detection Biomarker Research.

Designed as a funding mechanism for supporting transformational prostate cancer research, the PCF’s Creativity Awards bridge the gap between an idea and the results necessary to justify longer-term and more significant funding.

"Greg and Lauren have been truly instrumental in helping raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer research," said Scott Zagarino, managing director of Athletes for a Cure (AFAC), a fundraising initiative of the PCF. "Without their support, Athletes for a Cure wouldn’t have been able to reach such a wide audience to fight against this potentially deadly disease."

Founded in 2000 by Greg and Lauren Glassman, CrossFit, Inc., began its mission to forge elite fitness in a small, garage-like gym in Santa Cruz, California. That small space brought together local athletes and members of the community for innovative workout routines, and has since grown to more than 1,300 CrossFit-affiliated gyms in the country. This year more than 450 CrossFit affiliates in the U.S. have already helped raise more than $700,000 for AFAC’s annual Fight Gone Bad event that will take place this weekend. Fight Gone Bad has become AFAC’s biggest annual event.

"The entire team at CrossFit has been behind Athletes for a Cure since day one," added Zagarino. "If the solution to prostate cancer is a team effort, then we could ask for no more commitment from everyone at CrossFit."

This year it is projected that more than 27,000 U.S. men will die from prostate cancer while more than 192,000 new cases will be diagnosed. With the aging baby-boomer generation, the number of new cases diagnosed annually could reach 300,000 by 2015— an increase of more than 60 percent—with an accompanying annual death rate of approximately 45,000. Early detection and treatment can result in a five-year survival rate of more than 95 percent.

About Athletes for a Cure
Athletes for a Cure is a fundraising and awareness program that assists individual athletes in their quest to raise money for better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer. Every dollar raised from the program goes directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The online program provides athletes with multiple tools to create a home in the athletic and fundraising community. Registered participants can upload photos, personal stories and race information on their own page; set donation goals; and watch as their donations climb. For more information, visit

About the Prostate Cancer Foundation
The Prostate Cancer Foundation is the world’s largest philanthropic source of support for prostate cancer research focused on discovering better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer. Founded in 1993, the PCF has raised more than $370 million and provided funding to more than 1,500 research projects at nearly 200 institutions worldwide. The PCF also advocates for greater awareness of prostate cancer and more governmental research funds. PCF advocacy has helped produce a 20-fold increase in government funding for prostate cancer since 1994. More information about prostate cancer and the PCF can be found at


For Athletes for a Cure
Scott Zagarino
Managing Director

For the Prostate Cancer Foundation:
Donovin Matthews

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Empower YourSelf!

Crossfit Central came out with our Empowerment Stories of clients who have seen amazing results through our program. My roommate John and I were talking about the coming holidays and what it could mean for a lot of people. could go 1 of 2 ways; 1- just like every year, we work our butts off and seem to get caught up in the season and let one too many things slide( eating habits, workout habits, saying to ourselves we are just too busy for all of it, and also thinking come the new year things will change!)
The 2nd option;
Create Momentum! Take the month of Oct and create momentum going into the holidays. Feel and look better than you have ever.

What is the Big Mo?
A commitment to 4 weeks of dedication and discipline, but most importantly accountability. We will assess where we are at, get our goals(the why), train hard and make progress!

Tired of the same ol', same ol'. Had a plateau in you training. Never been really held accountable for your training. The list could go on as to why it is the perfect time to step up your game.

Who is this for?
Anybody and Everybody! New clients, old clients, and non-clients.

What's included?
Accountability. Nutrition advice and food log everyday checked before we train, or we don't train. Crossfit....enough said here. Depending on your current training regime, we will program extra workouts for the month. Assessments before and after, both body composition and a "simple" fitness test.

This will start the week of Oct 5th, and will last for 4 weeks.
Be the next Empowerment Story and Empower Yourself with the Big Mo.....momentum!

These spots are limited so please contact me for more details. or (806)281-7873

Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Hear It For New York....

Jay Z....listen to this song and tell me you can't feel his love and passion for his city of New York . The intro on stage is my favorite part. This is no doubt a favorite song of mine at the moment. I respect anyone who takes so much pride in something they love.

Question; Who has more pride, Texans or New Yorkers? And Why?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fight Gone Bad Workout Explained

Coach Glassman explains how the workout came to be. The first guy you see doing the workout was my Lt. in the Marines, Jimi Letchford. He is an exceptional person and leader, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. The other gentlemen is someone you may have heard of, Brian Chontosh, who is still in the Marines. Both guys also work with Crossfit HQ. Semper Fi gents.
Next weekend is the big day, Saturday, September 26 at the Pavillion. We, the Crossfit community, are taking part in the 4th year to fund raise for Prostate Cancer, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Please help us out in anyway you can. You can sign up to do the workout with us, donate a few dollars with the pic on the right side bar of this page, volunteer, or at least spread the word about what we are doing. Anything is appreciated.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 2010 Crossfit Games Announced

The 2010 CrossFit Games will take place at The Ranch in Aromas, CA on July 16 - 18, 2010.
Stay tuned for more details. This year, you will have to qualify for the Regionals by being a top performer at one of many smaller Sectional competitions. That is, unless you competed in the 2009 Games, in which case you are automatically qualified for the Regionals.
There are not quite as many regions, and most regions will not be sending quite as many competitors. Only 100 athletes will make it to the Individual competition in Aromas '10, fifty men and fifty women.
The events and scoring system for the 2010 Games will be kept a mystery until right before the competition. Only one thing is known: they will be different from any of the past CrossFit Games.
How do you prepare for a competition of an unknown nature? Easy! Specialize in not specializing. Overcome your weaknesses. Fortify your strengths. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. And, develop tremendous power across broad time and modal domains.

3, 2, 1..... Train Hard!

What Do Endurance Athletes Eat?

A recent blog post from Robb Wolf

The author recommends that individuals who wish to succeed at BUD/S should “…learn to eat like an endurance athlete”. The seems like sound advice until one realizes there is NOT solid consensus in what that actually means! One might assume this to mean an exceptionally high carb, grain based diet and in fact this does reflect the diet of many top endurance athletes, but by no means does it reflect ALL endurance athletes. In particular several of the worlds best regarded, highest paid and most successful endurance coaches employ nutritional strategies quite consistent with the Zone. Joe Friel who has authored more than 10 endurance oriented books including: The Triathletes Training Bible, The Cyclists Training Bible, and the Paleo Diet for Athletes (co authored with Prof. Loren Cordain) has coached athletes at the Olympics and World championship level, and was founder and past Chairman of the USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission. Joe is quite successful and highly sought after for his coaching not only of the technical elements of training but also for his nutritional approach. What IS that approach? A moderate carbohydrate, grain-free paleo diet sliced and diced into approximately 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate. Joe DOES alter fueling somewhat during races and to emphasize post workout recovery, but his basic approach is quite at odds with what Caviston seems to imply. Here is an excerpt from the Paleo Diet for Athletes in which Joe describes his experience switching from a standard high carb, low fat, grain based diet to a paleo/Zone diet:
“I have known Dr. Cordain for many years, but I didn’t become aware of his work until 1995. That year we began to discuss nutrition for sports. As a longtime adherent to a very high-carbohydrate diet for athletes, I was skeptical of his claims that eating less starch would benefit performance. Nearly every successful endurance athlete I had known ate as I did, with a heavy emphasis on cereals, bread, rice, pasta, pancakes, and potatoes. In fact, I had done quite well on this diet, having been an All-American age-group duathlete (bike and run), and finishing in the top 10 at World Championships. I had also coached many successful athletes, both professional and amateur, who ate the same way I did.”
“Our discussions eventually led to a challenge. Dr. Cordain suggested I try eating a diet more in line with what he recommended for one month. I took the challenge, determined to show him that eating as I had for years was the way to go. I started by simply cutting back significantly on starches, and replacing those lost calories with fruits, vegetables, and very lean meats.”
“For the first two weeks I felt miserable. My recovery following workouts was slow and my workouts were sluggish. I knew that I was well on my way to proving that he was wrong. But in week three, a curious thing happened. I began to notice that I was not only feeling better, but that my recovery was speeding up significantly. In the fourth week I experimented to see how many hours I could train.
“Since my early 40s (I was 51 at the time), I had not been able to train more than about 12 hours per week. Whenever I exceeded this weekly volume, upper respiratory infections would soon set me back. In Week Four of the “experiment,” I trained 16 hours without a sign of a cold, sore throat, or ear infection. I was amazed. I hadn’t done that many hours in nearly 10 years. I decided to keep the experiment going.”
“That year I finished third at the U.S. national championship with an excellent race, and qualified for the U.S. team for the World Championships. I had a stellar season, one of my best in years. This, of course, led to more questions of Dr. Cordain and my continued refining of the diet he recommended.”
“I was soon recommending it to the athletes I coached, including Ryan Bolton, who was on the U.S. Olympic Triathlon team. Since 1995. I have written four books on training for endurance athletes and have described and recommended the Stone Age diet in each of them. Many athletes have told me a story similar to mine: They have tried eating this way, somewhat skeptically at first, and then discovered that they also recovered faster and trained better.”

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Raise Your Game
Please watch this video!

What is 'Raise Your Game' all about???
It's about pulling everything together. 'Raise Your Game' is going to bring 3 aspects of your life, your internal wellness, your physical well being, and most importantly your mental game, to a whole new level you never thought possible. How???

I will be your accountability in 3 Focal Points;
1) Nutrition- I will go into your house, dump everything you don't need to eat out of your house. Go shopping for you, and then come back to the house and show you some easy meals that you can do on your own. You log everything you eat and drink. You eat only what I tell you to eat, and will also eat it how I tell you to eat it.

2) Physical- You will Crossfit 5-6x's/week, no excuses. In addition to your current class(if you are a current client) you will have private sessions with me. End of story.

3) Mental- This is the most important piece of the pie....You will take part in a 30 day Anthony Robbins Action Plan. This will require an minimum of 1 hr. a day devoted to this program. This will have some 'homework' that you must complete. No excuses here either.

We will meet a min. of 4-5x's/week, either to workout, review nutrition, and most importantly talk about the Tony Robbins Action Plan. You must be willing to become transparent with these 3 areas of your life that we will be focusing on. 4 WEEKS. 4 WEEKS to commit. 4 WEEKS to say "Never again will let another day go by without making strides in the direction of the life I always wanted to live!"

But, there can only be one. I am asking you to become transparent, as I will also become transparent and take part in the same steps you are taking. I will show you everything I am asking of you.

Please, only those who are willing to commit apply. If you have the slightest thought that you are too busy to do 'everything,' do not responsd.
Contact me;

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is Silent Inflammation?

What is the surprising link between inflammation, cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, and other diseases? Time Magazine labeled it the Silent Killer in early of 2004.
Dr. Barry Sears explains silent inflammation, what it is, and asks some simple questions that might tell you if you have silent inflammation.
Surprise surprise....what is the only known medicine to control silent inflammation? Our diet!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workouts To Do While Traveling

Thanks to Eva, original Crossfit badass, she compiled a long list of workouts to do with little to no equipment necessary. Thanks Eva!

-Run 1/2 mile 50 air squats - 3 rounds.
-10 push-ups 10 sit ups 10 squats - 10 rounds.
-200 air squats for time.
-“Susan” Run 200m 10 squats 10 push ups 5 rounds.
-Sprint 200m and do 25 push ups, 3 rounds.
-10 Handstand push ups and a 200m run 3 rounds.
-Tabata squats and tabata pushups.
-5 push ups 5 squats 5 sit ups, 20 rounds.
-Walk 100 meters on your hands, even if it is 2 meters at a time.
-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sets of sit-ups and a 100 meter sprint between each set.
-Invisible Fran…21-15-9 of air squats and push ups for time.
-Spend a total of 5 minutes in a handstand, or headstand.
-If you are using the headstand do not stay over a minute at a time.
-Run 1 mile for time.
-10 push ups 10 air squats and 10 sit ups, 6 rounds for time.
-Do one air squat and take one breath, ( you can breath all you want while you do the squat or squats) do 2 and take 2 breaths etc…up to 10, and then come back down to one.
-3 vertical jumps 3 squats 3 long jumps - 5 rounds.
-Handstand 30 seconds and 10 squats, 8 rounds.
-10 push-ups 100M dash 10x.
-Tabata squats.
-5x 400M sprints.
-10 X 100 m dash.
-25 pressing snatch balances each arm.
-No weight.Run 1 mile, lunging 30 steps every 1 minute.
-handstand 30 seconds and 20 air squats, 5 rounds.
-10 handstand jackknife to vertical jump, 10 handstand jackknife to tuck jump, 10 handstand jackknife to straddle jump.
-100 air squats.
-For time.4x 25 jumping squats10 vertical jumps, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 4 rounds…for time.
-10 air squats every 1 minute of your 1 mile run.
-100 burpies for time.
-Run 1 mile for time.
-10 push-ups 10 squats 10 sit ups 10 rounds.
-10 vertical jumps, run 400 meters, 5 rounds.
-spend a total of 3 minutes in a handstand.
-100 air squats for time.
-Handstand 1 minute, hold bottom of the squat for 1 minute, 5 rounds.
-Sprint 100 meters, Walk 100 meters, 10 rounds.
-100 push ups for time.
-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Burpies and Sit ups.
-50 sit-ups, 400 meter run or sprint or walk 3 rounds
-10 walking lunges, 10 push-ups, 10 rounds.Tabata Squats
-50 split jumps for time.
-Workout…Handstand for 30 seconds or 5 handstand push ups…400 meter run. 4 rounds.
-10 burpies, 100meter sprint 10x for time.
-“L” sit off the floor. 10 rounds of 10 seconds…if you can’t do it sit with your legs straight out and -try to lift your heels of the ground for 10 seconds instead!!!
-run 400 meters, 50 air squats. 4rounds.
-handstand 30 seconds, to squat hold 30 seconds. 10 rounds.
-Ten vertical jumps ( jump as high as you can, land and do it again), 10 push-ups 5 rounds.

Have fun!

Monday, August 3, 2009

How Do Decathletes Compare to Overall Fitness?

Pretty darn good. Bryan Clay, who got the gold medal in Beijing this last year, has phenomenal abilities. How do you think he would have done at the Crossfit Games?In my opinion, I think it would be scary if he started doing Crossfit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where Do You Get Your Motivation???

(How many times have you seen this clip...might be as much as me, then again-maybe not!)

So, I often ponder how much Crossfit is perceived to be a cult. You know, it having it's own vocabulary, so called "leader", diet, etc...(John Welbourn noted this fact in the movie Every Second Counts.)

So, here are the Fight Club rules, let's compare them to Crossfit...something fun to talk about. Not doctrine, so feel free to chime in and give them your flavor.

Fight Club Rules:

1) You Do Not Talk About fight club!-----no one wants to hear you talk about Crossfit anyway, with their silly 'kipping' fake pullups...that stuff is just a fad! right?

2) You Do Not Talk About Fight Club!----They won't talk to you anyway cause you're wearing a Crossfit shirt.

3) Someone Yells Stop, Goes Limp, Taps Out, The Fight Is Over!---This holds literal truth for any Crossfit workout.

4)Only 2 Guys to A Fight!--- Same here, just you and your one else can help you....ahhh, sorry.

5) One Fight at A Time Fellas!---Do I even need to say one workout at a time....I do, oh, time just try and do a Helen, Linda, or even Grace right after you are done trying to PR with a Cindy, Mary, Elizabeth....take your pick.

6)No Shirt No Shoes!---Although you may find just about everyone is Crossfit with no shirt, no weight lifting belt, no gloves, A/C, heart rate get the picture.

7)Fights Will Go On As Long As They Have To!---Same holds true for Crossfit workouts, no exceptions.

8)And The Eighth and Final Rule, If This Is Your First Night To Fight Club, You Have To Fight!---Yes!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fittest Man Alive!

Mikko Salo: The Cyborg from CrossFit Ireland on Vimeo.

We will be hearing and seeing a lot more from this man that claimed the title Fittest MF out there. He finished second on the run, right behind Chris Spealer, and I do mean just a couple of seconds. Next was the deadlift workout, he placed 17th on that. Well, let me just say that he deadlifted 495lbs and failed on the final lift of 505. There were 16 competitors total that completed 505 including Jeremy Thiel, so that is why he got 17th. The rest of the weekend he would do equally as impressive.

Like coach said earlier this year, "whoever wins the Crossfit Games, everyone is going to immediately want to know where did he come from and what the hell has he been doing."

Well, I want to know, and I will find out. Congrats Mikko.

A Day At The Crossfit Games

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week of The Games

Crossfit HQ has invested almost $100,000 worth of upgrades to the ranch that hosts the Crossfit Games. My mind can get lost if I think about where that money went. Also, if you check out the list of equipment that has arrived at the ranch, the speculation continues....One thing is for sure, none of it matters.
With 5 days until competition, I just focus on settling my excitement. I always get restless before war....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love the guys that are watching.... & his sequence that starts at 34secs is my favorite. Looks like a fellow coach I work with when he was just a little boy....JDP, WHERE YOU AT SON???

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Of Luck Caroline!

From Caroline Durbin who recently joined the University Of New Mexico's bball team

"Testimony! its kinda long sorry
Before I started Crossfit, I expected to get stronger in order to be more prepared for college basketball. But I didn’t know that with Lance I would improve all of my lifts, improve my endurance and cardio, and also become mentally stronger. Lance pushed me in workouts to do things that I didn’t think I could do, like pull-ups. As a freshman on the University of New Mexico basketball team, I can keep up with the older girls in running, and I am ahead of the other freshman because my lifting form is great. On the court, I have noticed improvement in my jumping ability and in quickness. Working with Lance has definitely made me a better athlete. I would recommend him to anyone with serious goals that just needs extra motivation and good coaching."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Focused Personal Training

Sign up with your friend or 2 for a discounted price!!!!

I am launching 3 new personal training programs....
1) For the beginner--- this program will help you get started wherever you are at physically. We will train you so that you may have an easy, but fun experience when you are ready to join one of our Crossfit classes. We will essentially take it as slow as we need to( the scalability factor of Crossfit) but ease into intensity(where all good things come from fitness!....i.e. muscle gain, strength gain, body fat loss, increased cardio/stamina/VO2, etc.)
2) Specific skill endeavors--- whether it be mastering the transition on the muscle up, going over your oly lifts, rope climb, kipping pullup, GHD sit-ups, etc... we will zero in on where you need it most. We will still get an awesome Crossfit workout after we have skill trained.
"You can do nothing better for your overall fitness than working on those things that you suck at most." -Coach Glassman-
3) INTENSITY- for 4 weeks, come to the gym knowing that all my attention will be on you, and get ready to push yourself like you never have before. These workout will not be easy....these workouts will not be easy:) If you are ready to push yourself like never before, then this is where you need to be.
Programs will run for 4 weeks, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot. For info on pricing or any questions you may have, contact me via email, . Times will vary depending our availability, but I am flexible.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Go Hard..We Go Hard

(From Crossfit Games site)

Lance Cantu ... [wmv] [mov]

Carey Kepler ... [wmv] [mov

Crystal McReynolds ... [wmv] [mov]

Jeremy Thiel ...[wmv][mov]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Believe With All of Your....


Proverbs 4:20-22
My son pay attention to what I say, listen closely to my words. Don't let them out of your sight. Keep them in your heart. They are life to those who find them. They are health to your whole body.

Matthew 17:21
If you have the faith of a mustard seed, it is enough. You can say this to a mountain, 'move from here to there.' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible to you.

Mark 5:34
He said to her, "Dear child, your faith has healed you. Go in peace. You are free from your suffering."
Mark 9:23
…Jesus said, "Everything is possible for the one who believes."

Mark 11:24
So I tell you, when you pray for something, believe that you have already received it. Then it will be yours.

Psalm 30:2
Lord my God, I called out to you for help and you healed me.

James 5:15
The prayer offered by those who have faith will make you well. The Lord will heal you.

Isaiah 40:31
But those who trust in the Lord will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak.
From a very dear friend.....Thank You:)

What Do You Think, A Set Up???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Fight! Survive! Fight! Survive! Are you willing to endure the pain it takes to become victorious. Are you aware that your opponents would die at the chance to beat you. Muscles filled with poison, body feels like rubber, light headed, can't see straight, heart about to explode, legs want to fall off, can't straighten my arms, can't hold onto anything.....are you ready for that?????
With all that I am........HELL YEAH!!! BRING IT!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Caroline Durbin

Caroling has been working with me for 6 weeks now. She is graduating from Westlake High School in a few weeks and will be playing basketball for the University of New Mexico this coming fall. She came to me wanting to get stronger and more explosive......needless to say, mission accomplished! She has had tremendous gains in all of her Oly lifts, squats, presses, and also has gained some metabolic conditioning to go with it. Not bad, huh.
Great job Caroline, keep working hard! You will surely do great things at New Mexico.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scenes From "Generation Kill"

Not your average motivating war movie, but I figured why not? If I were to post scenes from "Gladiator" or "300, The Movie" would that be any different?

Go Get Em Devil Dog!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Are You Worth...

From my buddy Spencer's blog. I have pondered this question many times, what am I worth. But, most importantly, am I willing to take the hit to find out.


Monday, May 11, 2009

The Spartan 300 Kickoff

The Spartan 300 Challenge kicked off Sat and what an amazing turnout by everyone. Great job to all the competitors, and a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, we really could not have done it without you.
I am committing myself to the same standards that I am requiring from my athletes. My number one goal is to optimize my performance, so nutrition is going to be the major role in doing so. Back to weighing and measuring, no more gorging out with almond butter and apples anymore(my desert:)!) Making sleep a priority, and sticking with the program the Jeremy and I are going to lay out for the next 8 weeks!
All these I must do if I am going to be able to look in the mirror going into the Games and truly tell myself I have done everything I can to give myself the best opportunity to do my best. Cheesy, cliche, lame, whatever..... my reality and I love it!
From the Crossfit Games site..... a motivating video! The extended version is right here ... [wmv] [mov

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Life

I am grateful for what I have, for where I am at in life, but most importantly where I am going. I understand that my biography is not my destiny. The potential is limitless, and I only attract people that are heading in the same direction. I seek those who can lead me in the right direction. I have dropped my ego, and will learn from anyone who can give me knowledge that will make me a better person. I use everyday, cause I know that this present moment is the only thing that ever exists. If I don't understand that, then I have lost the war.
Post thought to comments

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Re-Post

I know I have posted this before, but I think it's great info. Micheal Gregory posted another great video about eating paleo.

Do you think it's worth the sacrifice...eating meat and vegetables for the rest of your life, or eating whatever you want? What's the trade off, one significantly increases your chances for healthy life, however old that ends up being. You are able to take care of yourself, don't need to be cared for, won't have to go the get refills are the pharmacy, you can be as active as you want to be til your last days. The other has possibilities of any CHD(coronary heart diseases), arthritis, hyperinsulinemeia(how close are you to becoming a diabetic), type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's(or type 3 diabetes), myocardial infarct(heart attack) pain, misery, and death....

It's your world. Let me know what you think?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Real You???

Ever wonder why you can meet a total stranger, and give them information about yourself that your own family or closest friends don't even know about you? Why is that? Why are we afraid and hindered by other people's opinion?
So I was doing the .com workout(5k run) yesterday and was questioning this very thing. Then I thought about my last post, and how so many people thought Muhammad Ali was arrogant and cocky. Steve Prefontaine(Pre), Micheal Johnson(Olympic sprinter) Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lebron James....the list goes on and on. All of them screaming aloud letting the whole world know "I AM THE GREATEST, BEST THAT EVER WAS, AND EVER WILL BE." Anything wrong with that.
I've come a long way to understanding how people are, and why they do and act the way they do. I used to be the one to say Kanye West was a cocky s.o.b, but now my hats off to him. My hats off to anyone that can express themselves the way that suits them, not worrying about what anyone else would ever say about them. It might not be socially excepted, but who the hell gives a s*%t! Right?

So, going back to where I started, meeting a complete stranger that has no preconceived judgement about you, you can literally set the stage for the way you truly want others to perceive you as. Is this a lie, or a voice deep down inside too afraid to come out and be "THE REAL YOU." But, because of judgement and what people might say, we say and do what's much easier that way, right?

I believe we create our own reality, and everything that is-was. Everything that will be, is. It's only after we drop all of these preconceived notions about how our life should be, can we get down to being REAL, and start actually living. The potential there is limitless!

Are you living your life? Let me know what you think.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009


"Right here and right now, I call forth and activate the evolutionary impulse of my inner being. With absolute trust, I surrender to where the Spirit leads me and experience the peace that surpasseth all understanding."
"Right here and right now, I acknowledge myself as an ever-evolving being and surrender to the transforming touch of the Spirit. Throughout this day, I have dominion over my consciousness and happiness. Patience, forgiveness, and lovingkindness are the order of my day."

(Micheal Beckwith, "Spiritual Liberation")

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frank Yang Part II

So today was a phenomenal day for me. I got the chance to do what I love to do. Hang out with people that I love, and compete what I love doing. Crossfit Central coaches got together to do 3 workouts, with a short break to rest. Competition....more important the decision to be apart of something greater than yourself. That's what I have found here at Crossfit Central, here with these people I have come to call my family.

This video is of a man I don't even know.... I have just seen the way he works out, expresses himself, and finds himself in his music. I love it, admire it, and I think it sums up how I feel!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Current book I am reading at the moment, by Micheal Beckwith called "Spiritual Liberation." I can't put it down. I truly am blessed for all that I have, and want to show my appreciation to everyone I am able to be around.
I was able to attend Robb Wolf's 'Nutrition Cert' this past weekend, the man is a genius flat out. Thanks Robb for coming out to Austin to put on a great cert. Thanks to everyone who came. More and more the word is spreading that living a healthy "fit" life is not at all that complicated. I have talked with people about so many diets they have heard of that it's ridiculous. Robb said it best when talked about the genius of Coach Glassman of how he can take something so complicated and simplify the hell out of it so that we all can understand it. thanks coach.
Bottom Line: Coach had it right in 100 words.....
" Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
Practice and train major lifts: deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics:pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstands, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast.
Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY. Keep workouts short and intense.
Regularly learn and play new sports"

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet The Beast.... Atticus

Pictured above is Atticus Rowe. He comes to the 615am MWF class and the man knows how to compete. He has recently completed the 'I AM CROSSFIT' challenge and saw some fantastic results. He also competed in the FITTEST GAMES CHALLENGE, enough said-right! It is not easy to do what we do, and more so to actually compete at something so hard and humbling. It is a pleasure to coach Atticus because I know he gives everything he has every time he steps into the gym.


March 17, 2009

Tuesday 090317
For time:

1 mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

1 mile Run

rx'd: 37:53 with a #20 vest

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Say Yes!!! GO HEAVY!!!

(From Crossfit Santa Cruz Central)
Excerpts from the Kelly Starett training manual, edited by Mary Conover:
“Go heavy. So instead of chasing an improvement in your Angie time of 4 seconds, try performing a workout you know and rock–at a load where your time begins to significantly drop off. Can you perform 30 clean and jerks with 135 lbs in under three minutes? Shame on you.That load should be 155 or 185 pounds. Go out and start failing all over again. And this time make it heavy, because everyone is getting good at runnin’ and chinnin’.
After all, in case you’ve forgotten, 225 is the new 135.”

Still have a nagging hamstring, so didn't push it on the squat, or even attempt the deadlift,
but I did PR in the Press- 185!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hmmm....SPEACHLESS; Jeannie Bassi Games prep video ... [wmv] [mov]
March 9, 2009

Monday 090309
Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 L Pull-ups
15 Steps, Walking Lunge
as rx'd: 10 + 5hspu's and 4 Lpullups.