Thursday, August 27, 2009

Raise Your Game
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What is 'Raise Your Game' all about???
It's about pulling everything together. 'Raise Your Game' is going to bring 3 aspects of your life, your internal wellness, your physical well being, and most importantly your mental game, to a whole new level you never thought possible. How???

I will be your accountability in 3 Focal Points;
1) Nutrition- I will go into your house, dump everything you don't need to eat out of your house. Go shopping for you, and then come back to the house and show you some easy meals that you can do on your own. You log everything you eat and drink. You eat only what I tell you to eat, and will also eat it how I tell you to eat it.

2) Physical- You will Crossfit 5-6x's/week, no excuses. In addition to your current class(if you are a current client) you will have private sessions with me. End of story.

3) Mental- This is the most important piece of the pie....You will take part in a 30 day Anthony Robbins Action Plan. This will require an minimum of 1 hr. a day devoted to this program. This will have some 'homework' that you must complete. No excuses here either.

We will meet a min. of 4-5x's/week, either to workout, review nutrition, and most importantly talk about the Tony Robbins Action Plan. You must be willing to become transparent with these 3 areas of your life that we will be focusing on. 4 WEEKS. 4 WEEKS to commit. 4 WEEKS to say "Never again will let another day go by without making strides in the direction of the life I always wanted to live!"

But, there can only be one. I am asking you to become transparent, as I will also become transparent and take part in the same steps you are taking. I will show you everything I am asking of you.

Please, only those who are willing to commit apply. If you have the slightest thought that you are too busy to do 'everything,' do not responsd.
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