Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love the guys that are watching.... & his sequence that starts at 34secs is my favorite. Looks like a fellow coach I work with when he was just a little boy....JDP, WHERE YOU AT SON???

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Of Luck Caroline!

From Caroline Durbin who recently joined the University Of New Mexico's bball team

"Testimony! its kinda long sorry
Before I started Crossfit, I expected to get stronger in order to be more prepared for college basketball. But I didn’t know that with Lance I would improve all of my lifts, improve my endurance and cardio, and also become mentally stronger. Lance pushed me in workouts to do things that I didn’t think I could do, like pull-ups. As a freshman on the University of New Mexico basketball team, I can keep up with the older girls in running, and I am ahead of the other freshman because my lifting form is great. On the court, I have noticed improvement in my jumping ability and in quickness. Working with Lance has definitely made me a better athlete. I would recommend him to anyone with serious goals that just needs extra motivation and good coaching."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Focused Personal Training

Sign up with your friend or 2 for a discounted price!!!!

I am launching 3 new personal training programs....
1) For the beginner--- this program will help you get started wherever you are at physically. We will train you so that you may have an easy, but fun experience when you are ready to join one of our Crossfit classes. We will essentially take it as slow as we need to( the scalability factor of Crossfit) but ease into intensity(where all good things come from fitness!....i.e. muscle gain, strength gain, body fat loss, increased cardio/stamina/VO2, etc.)
2) Specific skill endeavors--- whether it be mastering the transition on the muscle up, going over your oly lifts, rope climb, kipping pullup, GHD sit-ups, etc... we will zero in on where you need it most. We will still get an awesome Crossfit workout after we have skill trained.
"You can do nothing better for your overall fitness than working on those things that you suck at most." -Coach Glassman-
3) INTENSITY- for 4 weeks, come to the gym knowing that all my attention will be on you, and get ready to push yourself like you never have before. These workout will not be easy....these workouts will not be easy:) If you are ready to push yourself like never before, then this is where you need to be.
Programs will run for 4 weeks, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot. For info on pricing or any questions you may have, contact me via email, . Times will vary depending our availability, but I am flexible.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Go Hard..We Go Hard

(From Crossfit Games site)

Lance Cantu ... [wmv] [mov]

Carey Kepler ... [wmv] [mov

Crystal McReynolds ... [wmv] [mov]

Jeremy Thiel ...[wmv][mov]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Believe With All of Your....


Proverbs 4:20-22
My son pay attention to what I say, listen closely to my words. Don't let them out of your sight. Keep them in your heart. They are life to those who find them. They are health to your whole body.

Matthew 17:21
If you have the faith of a mustard seed, it is enough. You can say this to a mountain, 'move from here to there.' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible to you.

Mark 5:34
He said to her, "Dear child, your faith has healed you. Go in peace. You are free from your suffering."
Mark 9:23
…Jesus said, "Everything is possible for the one who believes."

Mark 11:24
So I tell you, when you pray for something, believe that you have already received it. Then it will be yours.

Psalm 30:2
Lord my God, I called out to you for help and you healed me.

James 5:15
The prayer offered by those who have faith will make you well. The Lord will heal you.

Isaiah 40:31
But those who trust in the Lord will receive new strength. They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weak.
From a very dear friend.....Thank You:)

What Do You Think, A Set Up???