Monday, June 8, 2009

Focused Personal Training

Sign up with your friend or 2 for a discounted price!!!!

I am launching 3 new personal training programs....
1) For the beginner--- this program will help you get started wherever you are at physically. We will train you so that you may have an easy, but fun experience when you are ready to join one of our Crossfit classes. We will essentially take it as slow as we need to( the scalability factor of Crossfit) but ease into intensity(where all good things come from fitness!....i.e. muscle gain, strength gain, body fat loss, increased cardio/stamina/VO2, etc.)
2) Specific skill endeavors--- whether it be mastering the transition on the muscle up, going over your oly lifts, rope climb, kipping pullup, GHD sit-ups, etc... we will zero in on where you need it most. We will still get an awesome Crossfit workout after we have skill trained.
"You can do nothing better for your overall fitness than working on those things that you suck at most." -Coach Glassman-
3) INTENSITY- for 4 weeks, come to the gym knowing that all my attention will be on you, and get ready to push yourself like you never have before. These workout will not be easy....these workouts will not be easy:) If you are ready to push yourself like never before, then this is where you need to be.
Programs will run for 4 weeks, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot. For info on pricing or any questions you may have, contact me via email, . Times will vary depending our availability, but I am flexible.

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