Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where Do You Get Your Motivation???

(How many times have you seen this clip...might be as much as me, then again-maybe not!)

So, I often ponder how much Crossfit is perceived to be a cult. You know, it having it's own vocabulary, so called "leader", diet, etc...(John Welbourn noted this fact in the movie Every Second Counts.)

So, here are the Fight Club rules, let's compare them to Crossfit...something fun to talk about. Not doctrine, so feel free to chime in and give them your flavor.

Fight Club Rules:

1) You Do Not Talk About fight club!-----no one wants to hear you talk about Crossfit anyway, with their silly 'kipping' fake pullups...that stuff is just a fad! right?

2) You Do Not Talk About Fight Club!----They won't talk to you anyway cause you're wearing a Crossfit shirt.

3) Someone Yells Stop, Goes Limp, Taps Out, The Fight Is Over!---This holds literal truth for any Crossfit workout.

4)Only 2 Guys to A Fight!--- Same here, just you and your one else can help you....ahhh, sorry.

5) One Fight at A Time Fellas!---Do I even need to say one workout at a time....I do, oh, time just try and do a Helen, Linda, or even Grace right after you are done trying to PR with a Cindy, Mary, Elizabeth....take your pick.

6)No Shirt No Shoes!---Although you may find just about everyone is Crossfit with no shirt, no weight lifting belt, no gloves, A/C, heart rate get the picture.

7)Fights Will Go On As Long As They Have To!---Same holds true for Crossfit workouts, no exceptions.

8)And The Eighth and Final Rule, If This Is Your First Night To Fight Club, You Have To Fight!---Yes!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fittest Man Alive!

Mikko Salo: The Cyborg from CrossFit Ireland on Vimeo.

We will be hearing and seeing a lot more from this man that claimed the title Fittest MF out there. He finished second on the run, right behind Chris Spealer, and I do mean just a couple of seconds. Next was the deadlift workout, he placed 17th on that. Well, let me just say that he deadlifted 495lbs and failed on the final lift of 505. There were 16 competitors total that completed 505 including Jeremy Thiel, so that is why he got 17th. The rest of the weekend he would do equally as impressive.

Like coach said earlier this year, "whoever wins the Crossfit Games, everyone is going to immediately want to know where did he come from and what the hell has he been doing."

Well, I want to know, and I will find out. Congrats Mikko.

A Day At The Crossfit Games

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week of The Games

Crossfit HQ has invested almost $100,000 worth of upgrades to the ranch that hosts the Crossfit Games. My mind can get lost if I think about where that money went. Also, if you check out the list of equipment that has arrived at the ranch, the speculation continues....One thing is for sure, none of it matters.
With 5 days until competition, I just focus on settling my excitement. I always get restless before war....