Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Say Yes!!! GO HEAVY!!!

(From Crossfit Santa Cruz Central)
Excerpts from the Kelly Starett training manual, edited by Mary Conover:
“Go heavy. So instead of chasing an improvement in your Angie time of 4 seconds, try performing a workout you know and rock–at a load where your time begins to significantly drop off. Can you perform 30 clean and jerks with 135 lbs in under three minutes? Shame on you.That load should be 155 or 185 pounds. Go out and start failing all over again. And this time make it heavy, because everyone is getting good at runnin’ and chinnin’.
After all, in case you’ve forgotten, 225 is the new 135.”

Still have a nagging hamstring, so didn't push it on the squat, or even attempt the deadlift,
but I did PR in the Press- 185!


Lion Heart said...

I agree, go heavy as a mofo', it only make you better in all regards! good post lance.

Anonymous said...

Right on Lance - I feel you.

Anonymous said...

that is Anthony from Crossfit Dallas by the way.

Roland Lance Cantu said...

Got you.... train hard fellas!