Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hierarchy of Fitness

So after this weekend, I realize that I am no longer 16yrs old, and am capable of just doing whatever I wanted to do.
Some friends and I got together this past Sat to "throw the football around." We ended up playing a simple game of two hand touch, harmless. As we were about to begin, I knew I wasn't warm yet, I just told myself to "take it easy til I get warm."
3rd play, running a sweet post on Richard, I end up going for a slightly overthrown ball, and strained my left hamstring. Not smart.
A couple of things:1) If I am going to compete in the Regional Qualifier this May, I don't need to be doing anything that is stupid(like sprinting and not warming up).
2) Sport is on the top of the Fitness Hierarchy created by Crossfit. Like everything else, if you don't practice it, you will not get the benefits from it. My buddies and I were all sore, beat up, swollen, from a little game of 2hand touch. Sport involves a lot of change of direction, unexpected movements that you really can't train for, and a whole lot more. Sport is great. Learn it, live it, love it.

I will be out for a week or two, I am not happy about that. I have 8weeks til the Qualifier, no excuses.

The Sport of Fitness

The Fittest Games Challenge

One Day, 2 wkouts! Crossfit style. It's all about performing, recovery, and mental toughness. This is going to be a great opportunity for people to compete at what they love doing, getting fit.

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