Thursday, September 24, 2009

Empower YourSelf!

Crossfit Central came out with our Empowerment Stories of clients who have seen amazing results through our program. My roommate John and I were talking about the coming holidays and what it could mean for a lot of people. could go 1 of 2 ways; 1- just like every year, we work our butts off and seem to get caught up in the season and let one too many things slide( eating habits, workout habits, saying to ourselves we are just too busy for all of it, and also thinking come the new year things will change!)
The 2nd option;
Create Momentum! Take the month of Oct and create momentum going into the holidays. Feel and look better than you have ever.

What is the Big Mo?
A commitment to 4 weeks of dedication and discipline, but most importantly accountability. We will assess where we are at, get our goals(the why), train hard and make progress!

Tired of the same ol', same ol'. Had a plateau in you training. Never been really held accountable for your training. The list could go on as to why it is the perfect time to step up your game.

Who is this for?
Anybody and Everybody! New clients, old clients, and non-clients.

What's included?
Accountability. Nutrition advice and food log everyday checked before we train, or we don't train. Crossfit....enough said here. Depending on your current training regime, we will program extra workouts for the month. Assessments before and after, both body composition and a "simple" fitness test.

This will start the week of Oct 5th, and will last for 4 weeks.
Be the next Empowerment Story and Empower Yourself with the Big Mo.....momentum!

These spots are limited so please contact me for more details. or (806)281-7873

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