Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Hear It For New York....

Jay Z....listen to this song and tell me you can't feel his love and passion for his city of New York . The intro on stage is my favorite part. This is no doubt a favorite song of mine at the moment. I respect anyone who takes so much pride in something they love.

Question; Who has more pride, Texans or New Yorkers? And Why?


AT said...

Most Fav song his album. Feel the love for their city through the lyrics. We are remxing this song. Rep'ing my kids future after High School whether it be college or the work force. First time I heard it, I thought of the hook. Will shoot a video as well. "Lets Hear it For Jaguars!"

The Bronx Zoo said...

Lance, you pose a great question. I have spent a fair amount of time in NY growing up as a kid during the summers. My grandmother would always ask me which place I liked better. It is tough. Both offer so many great things. One, Texas is home but NY is well, NY. Like the song says, 'big lights will inspire you' and 'there is nothing you can't do'. I love how diverse NY is and the Italian section in The Bronx. The people there are blunt and tell it like it is. I think pride is a difficult thing to measure between the two because both have so much.

Anthony (cf Dallas)

republicangear said...

New Yorker's Of Course!

Texas' state motto is - Texas, Where we treat women like animals, and animals like women.

NY Fans are the best in the world. In good times and bad. Our teams win championships, don't need cheerleaders nor do we need Jessica Simpson in the stands