Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Motivators For Team Semper Fidelis!!!

Zac Hughes, 27, who just recently married our very own Nicole(Holstrom)Hughes a few weekends ago. He has lived in Austin for a few years now, and has never been "happier with everything that is in his life right now." Everything for him includes his new wife, his dog, his friends, Texas Tech and Titans football, getting "Prime Time," and excited to put out a great performance this Sat to help Team Semper Fidelis win!
Allison Chase, who is married to Mike Chase, has been with Crossfit for a while now. She is recently coming off an injury that put her training in slow motion for a while. But, since returning, she is more on fire than ever to elevate her overall wellness and fitness. She has been committed to this challenge. She is mother of Ethan and Talia who are inspired everyday by her wonderful outlook on life. Allison definitely gives me energy just by hanging around her. Allison made the commitment to get started early with her fitness goals instead of waiting for the new year, or anything else that would keep her from starting now. Great job Allison!!!!
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TheWhit said...

Team Los Muertos is soooo kickin' Semper Fi's booty on Saturday!! :-)