Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Marines!!!

Today is the Marine Corps' 233rd Birthday. So if you see a Devil Dog today, wish him or her Happy Birthday !

Pics from my 2nd deployment Iraq. Crazy, I haven't looked at these in a long time.

WOD for 11/10/2008-
Monday 081110
Five rounds for time of:25 Inverted Burpees25 Pull-ups25 Burpees
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rx'd- 30:28... ouch. pretty brutal!!!
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Russell Butler said...

Ohhraa!! Love the pics bro. You're my boy, and much love to you as well. Yeah,that workout sucked balls!!

ashley thiel said...

Happy Bday & thank you for your service Lance. I appreciate you, all who went before you and all who continue to serve our country. Awesome pics!!

Lion Heart said...

much love to you brother,
I'm so thankful for you service, but
I'm even more thanful to have you home!

Carla Marie said...

Thinking of you today (Veteran's Day). Thank you for your years of service. :)

You're amazing, Lance. :)

Mallika said...

Those pictures are really great. Thanks for your service Lance!