Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Dianne...

So, ever since I have been visiting Jeremy while I was in the Marines, I would often follow him around on his work days. That included his T/TH 530am class at down at Deep Eddy. I took note of Dianne Crawley because of how hard she always worked, and how she has been involved in Crossfit since October 2005, when Crossfit Central first began.
She was highly competitive before training with Crossfit. Often racing in 5 and 10 k's, sprint and olympic distance tri's, and also adventure races. But, like most, implementing Crossfit, she noticed it "brought significant diversity to work-outs and improved the overall fitness level."
A few notes on Dianne;
Professionally, Crawley has been in the healthcare industry for 10 years and is currently responsible for new business and referral relationship development for a nationally recognized rehabilitation facility for individuals who have suffered a brain injury.
Originally from Owensboro, KY, she moved to Austin, TX in 1999 and now spends free time with her husband, Ben, and two young boys, Landon (5 yrs) and Griffin (3yrs). They spend their time involved in soccer, basketball, gymnastics, biking, swimming, and running around at the playground.
She is committed to this challenge. Dianne is back to working out 5x/week, logging her food(which she loves doing), and taking Advocare supplements that expedites her success. She is a great person to be around, as well as have on your team. Keep up the great work Dianne!!!
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