Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's Hear Your Best War Cry For Victory!!!

The stage is set. In any competition, anything can happen. You have to understand this. It does not matter who looks good on paper, statistics do not take into account HEART. A pure, burning desire to overcome any obstacle to succeed. I know this. I respect this.
After the 2008 Crossfit Games this year, I set out a mission to get into shape. I was not in shape this last summer, but I still went out there and competed with the heart of a Lion! And because of that, I was average.... I was average.... I was average.... Just let that vibrate in your body for a minute. The day I accept mediocrity in my life, pull the plug for me please.
Since leaving the games, I have been on a mission to do everything in my hands to become an Elite Competitor at any competition. I was on a steady rise of gains for 3 months after the games. For the past few weeks, I have not been feeling the same. I had dinner with Jeremy tonight, just another night it would seem like. But, advice that comes from people you care about is always appreciated. But, when you get to take advice from someone that is close to you and they just happen to be a badass, then you have a slight edge. Until someone else places in the Crossfit Games that can give me better advice, I am going to do what works, and I would be stupid not to. Anyone would.
People often ask me, how can I look like her, or him? How is he so in shape? How can anyone do what others do???? Simple, do what they do. If you want to be rich, hang around rich people and mimic them. People that communicate well can show you how to do the same just by being around them. Fit people can get you fit. It's a pretty simple concept, but like so many things in our lives, we over-complicate things and loose sight of what could be.
So, the question really is, what do you want? But, you have to understand what you are asking for, and know that you have to pay your dues for what you are asking for. No such thing as "something for nothing." That's not how this universe works. Saying all this................
Tomorrow is a challenge. It will be a blast. Anything can happen. After I recover from the past few months of hitting it hard in the gym, I am going to do everything that gets me vibrating at a higher frequency, and exclude everything that puts me down. EVERYTHING! Anyone will to do the same, please join. My question- what is my potential? My answer can only come from doing everything I can do give me the best opportunity to find out. Get some ehh.

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Carla Marie said...

Very moving, Lance. Too bad I'm reading this too late - but you make a solid point about having to ask ourselves what we want, with the understanding that work has to be done to get there. Although, you said it much better.

Take care,