Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back

So, I found Crossfit about 4 yrs ago. It was end of 2004, and I was on my first deployment to Iraq. My unit stopped in Hawaii, and that's when I ran into Coach Glassman's wife. She told me "I need to be doing what her husband is prescribing" on some website called I remembered the site, and just before getting off ship, checked it out....
Since then, up until the first of this last summer of 2008, I claimed to be "doing Crossfit." Not so much though. I could of blamed it on the hectic training schedule a "workup" for deployment puts on you, or being in a tight spaced city like New York that wouldn't allow me to do any Crossfit workouts... whatever the case, I was definitely not "Cross-fit."
Then I moved to Austin.... and being my best friends are Jeremy and Big Mike, I wanted to be Crossfit I asked them what do I need to do. They said 3 things; eat zone/paleo, do crossfit wkouts, and take Advocare supplements. My performance has never been better. 
Some bench marks that I remember from the first of the year were:
deadlift- a whopping 300 lbs.  Now- 390 and rising. 
the infamous Fran- 4:20. Now- 2:38
Helen was a 8:48 effort. Now a 7:26. 
Diane- 7:33 effort. Now- last time 2 months ago- 4:5?... I think I can go sub 4 for sure
Cindy- 23 rounds to 27 rounds
I can almost deadlift 400 lbs, but still go out and run a 50 sec 400m, or sub 5min mile. My goal for 2009 is a 455lbs deadlift and a 405 back squat. Still have speed. 

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