Sunday, January 25, 2009

Awesome Job Runners of Austin!

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We had several of our clients and one of our coaches run the 3M half marathon today. Awesome job to all the competitors for putting out an amazing effort. I would love to hear how you did, and, if you think Crossfit has helped your running in anyway.
Special thanks to Nicole Hughes for showing up early at our gym where all the runners ran past as they had a grueling 5miles to go.
Made up the Crossfit Total
All PR's, so I was stoked about that.
Squat- 345
Press- 180
Deadlift- 395
Kings of Leon say it best.... Use Somebody

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Fit In Austin said...

Hey Lance, I'm following you now! : )
I did the Total last week and I PR'd everything, too! What a great feeling!

Squat 170
Press 65
Dlift 210

Keep it up and you'll get yourself noticed at the qualifiers!