Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crossfit Helps You Run

I have probably ran 4- 3 milers in the past 3 months.... and that's about it. There are the many 400's I run in my warm ups, or in the workout of the day, if it calls for running. I am not blazing fast when it comes to distance running, but I think I can hold my own fairly descent. I finished the Nike Human Race in 44:09, nothing special. But, for not running more than 3 miles all year, I would say not bad.
This hype craziness that Crossfit gets you fit for whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Well, it works. With some strenuous heat, some lack of hydration, my best friend, Jeremy Thiel and I put up some good numbers at the 10k.
But, most importantly, it was fun, the air was filled with so much positive energy, and I got to see Ben Harper.... never a let down.
So in case you can't read what my shirt says in tape: "I run... when crossfit.com says so." And that kind of sums it up right now! Run hard, play hard, live hard, Crossfit hard.... It's all good in my book!

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Randal Setzler said...

I would say that running a 10k in 44:09 with little to no run training is better than "not bad." That's smokin'