Monday, February 23, 2009

Best $25 You Will Ever Spend

I cannot say enough how profound subscribing to the Crossfit Journal is. On this website their is literally thousands of dollars worth of information that can change someones life, positively influence someones life, and possibly save someones as well. This is a recent clip taken off Crossfit's main website, that has Coach Glassman explaining Crossfit's 3rd Dimension- Definition of Fitness and Health..... What does that mean, well to put it plainly,
"is the goal to live forever, or to maintain human functional capacity for as long as possible?"(Coach Glassman)
My answer.... without a doubt to LIVE as long as possible, not to be just be breathing and have no ability to take care of myself, or enjoy anything in my life. How do you do this? Thedore Dalyrmple, who is a famous editor for the wall street journal, says that our increasing life expectancy can be soley attributed to sanitation. And, if we are going to enjoy our increasing years of our life, the only way is going to be through fitness and health, and not through our M.D's, physicians, pharmaceuticals, P.T's, etc....
But, like always, he articulates much better than I.
February 23, 2009

Monday 090223
For time:
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 21 reps
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 18 reps
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 15 reps
Row 500 meters
115 pound Push press, 12 reps
rx'd: 11:56

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