Friday, October 24, 2008

TEAM SEMPER FIDELIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You knew it was coming... the winning team. Semper Fidelis means always faithful- Crossfit Style. So, our team, Semper Fidelis, will be highlighted individually as the challenge continues. Just know, that after having met with them and worked out with them, these people are committed to the cause.
What is the cause? Well, the reason we are all doing this challenge anyway. The same reason why we drag ourselves out of bed early a.m. to go workout before the sun rises before we have to go to work. Or, after a long day at work, we choose that instead of going straight home to end the day, we are going to make it to the gym and get our workout in, no matter how tired we are from our job.
So what is the cause you were asking...well, just talk to anyone of the people that come through those rugged garage doors everyday and you will find that purpose that drives us all. The spirit to become more than what we are. To strive everyday to attain what we desire in life because we know it is not given, but earned through commitment to succeed. So, Crossfit Central, The Lean Turkey Challenge, Fight Gone Bad I, II, or III, The Fittest Games Challenges, The Spartan Challenges, if you have participated in any of these, or just choose to come to the gym and leave it all out there every time you show up, know "this", whatever this is, is way bigger than you and I. We have tapped into a higher energy source. Crossfit is our vehicle, and the choice to become better, whatever we choose is our purpose.
Semper Fidelis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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