Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crossfit Games on the Horizon

The 2nd Annual Crossfit Games are just around the corner, the curiosity builds for what Coach has install for us. "And, in case you were wondering, the format is significantly different from last year. It will, though, reward athletes with tremendous work capacity in broad time and modal domains."( Enough said on that topic...
We as athletes must know what any competition entails for us. Its starts and ends with what is inside. What you tell yourself, what you believe, and most importantly what you visualize to be true is the only thing that matters to each of us. No amount of caffiene, spark, mystery pill, or even sleep can replace the fuel that comes from within.
Competitors from accross the globe are going to Aromas, California to take part in history. The event will be nothing short of total inspiration. With only 20 days until competition, I am.... I am.... I am... READY FOR COMPETITION! This is the only thing that matters now. I will see you guys at the games!

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